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About ezREB - with Access 2010 (included)

It is Simple. It is Easy

ezREB is a small business accounting software used by entrepreneurs of in a variety of small businesses. They include retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and a range of small business entrepreneurs that provide services. Some have a large facility and others just a small office or a home office (SOHO).

Their common goal is to use a simple financial software with easy bookkeeping that does not require accounting expertise and yet provides them understandable financial reporting they need: profit, cash flow, inventory control (when applicable), invoicing, check writing, etc.

* Simple, only the features you need
* Within minutes (not days) you can handle the accounting
* Meaningful Reports that you can understand. They include your selected IRS format: Schedule C, Corporate (1120 or 1120S) or Partnership 1065.
* One click sets your inventory pricing: LIFO, FIFO, % or Averageaccounting software, free accounting software, cash flow, small business accounting, small business accounting software, business accounting software

" ... (RealEasyBooks Inc.) has intentionally decided to keep its program fairly bare bones…The interface is a quick learn, providing easy access to sales, receipts, payables, inventory, checkwriting, and customer and vendor lists, while reports are usually one or two clicks away…."The CPA Technology Advisor

"I find ezREB is simple to use and has just the basics I need. With just a couple of clicks I can now see and understand my profits and cash flow."... from Mary Ann Stokler

"I knew very little about accounting when I started my business. Thankfully, that wasn't a problem with ezREB." ... from Andrew Taylor

"…50% of millions of small businesses ... are currently not using accounting software.” Source: Sloan Brothers (StartupNation)

Why? Because the popular accounting software are too time-consuming to learn and too hard to use!

The solution: ezREB